Our response to COVID-19

The announcement was made by Jason Kenny Friday and the list of essential services was up on the website that night.

I am happy to report that WE ARE deemed an essential service for the health and welfare of your dogs and will remain open so long as we have the daily numbers to support this decision.

As we are all aware, the spread of Covid 19 is a major concern in our province, country and the world. Here at AAH, we are doing our part by social distancing and have put safety protocols in place at our facility while we remain open for business to keep you and our staff safe. Our staff will be available to guide you and answer any questions.


Rain, Snow or Shine

As humans, we're pretty boring to a dog. Yes, we get them out for walks and play a bit, but nothing will satiate the appetite of the true canine nature like a good ol' romp around with a dog buddy!

It's healthy, it's natural, it keeps them playful and most importantly they just get to be A DOG!


Your dog can now enjoy some ruff and tumble plus have a slumber party all at All Around Hound.


 Grooming will maintain both your dog's physical health as well as their appearance.

Our entire facility is Educational Based.

We pride ourselves on Safety First, so we educate your furry buddies in our daycare, even in our training programs we socialize to Expand your dogs social experience. A social dog is a happy dog!