Expanding your dogs social experience.

If you want a well behaved dog you can take anywhere; you need to train them everywhere!

Class Study

A group environment while training your dog. This is a 6 week program in a class of no more than 10 dogs that will be held for an hour each week. Are your ready to join us to help your dog with proper leash manners, social skills with other dogs and people, learn the basics and not so basics, play games to work on reliability and recall?  Then this is for you!

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Daycare and Boarding

Rain, Snow or Shine

As humans, we're pretty boring to a dog. Yes, we get them out for walks and play a bit, but nothing will satiate the appetite of the true canine nature like a good ol' romp around with a dog buddy!

Now, I know there are some of you that are going to say, “Benji, is happy to just sit on the couch all day and doesn’t need all that exercise or stimulation!”
That maybe true, your dog may not 'need' it. But doesn’t he deserve it?

It's healthy, it's natural, it keeps them playful and most importantly they just get to be A DOG!

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Day Training

By far the best value of training you will receive anywhere! You're dog stays and trains with us ALL day. And with access to our daycare, your dog will be well socialized. You will then qualify for our Saturday Walk Stars handling classes ($5) drop in. These are for All Around Hound clients only! We sew and you reap the benefits of these training options. Once the training is done, we then show you how to do it. Videos included!

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Seeing Truly is Believing

Watch this informative video to the end to see real dogs, in real life situations and how our training has provided the owners in these cases the fundamental tools for success!

We educate outdoors in as many environments as possible. If you want a well behaved dog you can take anywhere; you need to train them everywhere!