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... we are sooo impressed with the results we saw in our dogs in just 6 hours of focused, hands on training ... a big weight was lifted off our shoulders when he saw the results first hand and experienced the devotion the trainers have towards each and every dog ... Mel, Micah, Bender,  Sydney


.... these ladies have your back when you are learning to help your pup ... They are AMAZING, KIND, and NONJUDGEMENTAL and can help you! ... Aaron, Melissa and Sparky

Our Approach

This is not your ordinary dog training. This is an entire LIFESTYLE for you and your dog. We will teach you how to incorporate dog training into your everyday life. We use the most current scientific methods so our training is gentle, humane and produce results in just one session!
With the right education and dedication you can have the dog that everyone wishes they had.

Our Mission

To create a happy and healthy home for you and your family by bettering the relationship between you and your dog.

Our  training is about fun, education and raising your expectations of your dog!

Meet Your Trainers

Amanda Ginther and Katherine Jensen are educated, trained and certified in many methods of dog training. Because the changes in our industry are on going, we keep up on the most current methods of dog training because like humans, no dog is alike so we need to have the necessary tools to work with each dog for their specific training needs.

Katt You Tube TN

Katherine Jensen & Odin

Founder & Co-owner

Odin dog bike

I am Katherine (Katt), a Professional Trainer for dogs and humans alike.  My K9 is Odin, a Mini Australian Shepherd. After leaving my Life Coaching practice after 9 years I progressed to training dogs, a long awaited passion of mine. I was always the go to informal dog trainer for friends and family for years so I decided to make it formal. I had actually fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed 3 dogs before I was even a trainer.

I wanted to be the best, so I had to train with the best.

Studies and participation Certification with Dog Psychologist of The Great Canadian Canine Academy, Dean Audet.

Studies and Certifications with Dr. Ian Dunbar, dog behaviorist, trainer and author, Dog Star Daily.

Studies and 80hr Shadow Program with Monika Stueler (Rainbow Dog Training).

Wild Flower Practitioner Certification for your pets emotional wellness, through Alypsis.

I look forward to working with you and helping you have the BEST dog possible!

Amanda dogs

Amanda Ginther, Penny, Mason & Enzo

Founder & Co-owner

Hi my name is Amanda
​Being a trainer is an amazing experience and I have my three dogs to thank for teaching me every day. I love my Mason Man (Akita/Rotti mix), little Miss Penny (Pug/Boston Terrier) and Mr. Enzo (Dalmatian) they bring me happiness everyday.

My Story:
Growing up everything I was interested in revolved around dogs. The books I read and the movies I watched were all about dogs. I was the kid bundled to the nine in three feet of snow just to play with the dogs and would refuse to come in unless the dogs could come too.

As an adult things haven’t changed much. Having such a passion for dogs all my life and a dog that needed work I knew it was time to turn this passion into a career.

I am a very open trainer. I have learned many different techniques.  Having diverse training knowledge will allow me to help more dogs as no 2 dogs are alike.  I look forward to every new dog and family I meet and being there to help then through their own journey.