Where barking the word is not only acceptable ... it's encouraged!

I tell everyone about AAH! You gals are the best and I love your drop in classes. I'm looking forward to another Urban Education class and more doggy parkour. Thanks for offering such excellent and different training!

-- Katie L., Edmonton AB
-- K9 Mya & Bernard

Katt is pretty cool. She loves dogs and people and you can tell. Her information is concise and she's a lot of fun. I have found my dog, Blue, to be more attentive to me and by establishing a better leadership role, she has been less destructive and hyper."
--Amber, Sherwood Park, AB
-K9 Blue

Amanda our little BIG family always loves when you visited for your twice a week walks with our Great Dane Bentley. We loved seeing all your pictures you posted daily on their walks. Because of you I am able to walk Bentley and his commands increased three times fold after walking with you during your maternity leave. Thank you again for the amazing service and all the extra work you did with Bentley on your walks. He still wears his collar and bandana you bought him for Christmas all the time and when we put it on we say Amanda bought this for you!!!!
--Ashleigh, Edmonton, AB
--K9 Bentley

Katherine really helped us to work out some of Bruno's issues with chewing things and jumping up on people. We came to realize that he needed stronger boundaries and she really helped us understand where those boundaries needed to be. The tools and guidance she provided were invaluable
--Elgando, Bonnyville, AB
--K9 Bruno

Katt and Amanda are two of the nicest, sweetest ladies I have ever met. They have opened their arms to my "crazy" dog situation and have made him part of their family. They never judged him or wrote him off like many had. And I will be forever greatful to them for all of their help. All Around Hound has changed my life and the life of my dog. They have taught me the skills to give him a better, happier life. I don't know what we would have done without them. I am happy to say that I will forever be apart of the All Around Hound family, continuing to learn and grow with my dog.

--Lindsay, Beaumont AB
--K9s Dexter and Duke

Katherine is so genuine and pleasant to deal with.  In addition to her kindness, she is also very knowledgeable in her field and takes the time to address the unique needs of your dog.  Katherine understands the specific areas that your dog needs to work on, applies her methods and then educates you on what she has done so you can practice those methods at home.  I trust her 100% and feel relieved, knowing that I am leaving my dog in good hands while I am at work during the day.  I would recommend her services to anyone!

--Jody, Leduc, AB
--K9 Izzy

After only a couple days Zoey is still unsure of the condition relaxation but she is much more relaxed than she was before, Zoey is very high adrenaline and wants to go,go,go. We have taken your advice about playtime only outside as opposed to letting them wrestle around in the house, that is making a big difference in the calming part on both dogs, We have also taken your advice about not letting them be on the furniture or our bed. Zoey tries to use the sad puppy eyes at me but i have stayed true.  We are so appreciative of these techniques and they are helping. Thank you so much for taking the time out to come to our house and teaching us that you get what you pet. I believe that, the more we work with our fur babies the better dogs we will have in the long run. Zoey is a well behaved dog BUT she doesn't know how to relax and with these ideas set in play it won't take long!!!

Thank you so so much with the help Katt. I can honestly say that with the new changes we will have AMAZING dogs. Thumbs up to AAH. It takes constant work to make an awesome pet.
--Violet Charlong, Mirror, AB
--K9's  Zoey & Java

not to be barkful or anything ...

.. my dog actually listens to ME! Thanks -- Leanne, H

... thanks Amanda, for your support, Regina is on her way to being a Rock Star -- Breanna, R

.... because of AAH, Mazy has stopped her incessant barking -- Kim, M

... Zoey's anxiety is almost nil now. Thanks Katt -- Vicci, C

... we re-homed Bruno, that's a good thing! Katt helped us realize he was the wrong breed for us. He is so happy in his new home! Thanks for your guidance! -- Jas, G & Luke, G

... my dog used to bite until I met Amanda! She taught me how to bond with my dog and see why this was happening. It 's been months since her last nip! -- Chris, B

... I had a pre-pet counseling appointment with Amanda. We got a maltese terrier and she is a perfect fit. -- Charles, W

... last time I looked, my dog was still there! LOL. Thanks guys! -- Gord, C

...the decision to not get a dog until my daughter was older was a good one! Thanks for the advise! -- Kate, T

... we really appreciate the ongoing support AAH is giving us! The odd text and email has been a huge help! -- Tyler, Y

... Amanda and Katherine are great! They are really good at what they do! -- Zel, L

... don't be surprised when your dog does something right , be surprised when your dog does something wrong -- Kevin Pattison