what method of training do you do?

We focus on what your dog is doing right, not what they're doing wrong. We are considered balanced trainers. Our methods are based on Leadership, Positivity, Fun & Games. We work and understand that no one dog is the same which is why we have tools and techniques in our programs and training that can work with even the most unique dogs to bring balance, confidence, deepen that already existing bond and bring happiness to your home!

(There is so much conflicting information out there regarding 'balanced training'. If you want more information on our training style, call us and talk to one of our Professional Trainers)

Our training uses proper human praise so the dog is focused on you instead of the distractions around you. We will use food or toys to motivate your dogs, create reliability and play games, however, when studying dogs in their natural environment they use body language, sound, touch and eye contact which we teach you as well. We work with the dog not through the psychology and lens of a human, but through the psychology and lens of a dog where leadership and knowing how your dog learns are by far the most important things.

What tools do you use to train?

We are very tool friendly. Our tools of preference are the Halti, Martingale Collar and Slip Line with Transition. These pressure release tools are not only used for safety reasons but also when used right can be extremely useful in helping your dog cope with the pressures in their every day life.

We teach how the tool we recommend for your particular dog is used plus we teach you how to only use it when absolutely necessary for follow through!

Are you a part of the Strathcona County Dog Licensing Initiative?

Yes, we were approved to be a part of the this initiative. Take 6 hours of consecutive obedience training with us and you will receive a certificate of completion to give to the county for your FREE dog license.

How do I set up an online account with AAH?

Follow this link to our online booking system
How to Set Up your All Around Hound profile

How do I book a daycare reservation or my FREE Daycare Assessment?

If you haven't already, set up an online account with us.

How to Book an Appointment

How do I go about setting up for Day Training?

If you haven't already, set up an online account with us.

Now download this PDF:
How to Book a Training Appointment

What’s your refund policy?

Our classes fill up quickly. We will only refund your money for classes only if we can find a replacement for your spot.

We book weeks in advance for Day Training. We will refund all monies for your program with 7 days notice. After that it will be at our discretion.

Do you guarantee your training?

No, we do not guarantee our training. We do however guarantee that you will have our unwavering support until you no longer need us providing you are working the program, attending Saturday handling classes and doing your best with your training.

How do I qualify for the Saturday Walk Stars Class?

You must have participated in one of our training programs. If you have participated in any Private Training Program or Class Programs with All Around Hound, you are eligible to join us every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00am for a 45 min drop in class.

How do I Book a Slumber Party (Boarding)?

If you haven't already, set up an online account with us.

How to Book an Appointment

What do I need for my dogs Slumber Party?

  • Label all belongings
  • Bring food in individual baggies portioned out for each day
  • Bring bones or other party favors your dog loves in his/her kennel
  • Let staff know of any allergies or behavioral concerns
  • Make sure all Waivers are signed in your 'Agreements' section of your account
  • Make sure vaccinations are all up to date and uploaded, have your vet email them to us info@allaroundhound.ca or give us a paper copy.
  • Join our FB Page All Around Hound K9 Centre to view pictures of your dog having fun!
  • Book VIP Boarding for a little extra pampering (optional)

Enjoy your trip knowing that your dog will be in the best care and that safety is our #1 concern.


More questions? No problem. Just email info@allaroundhound.ca or call 780-893-DOGS (3647)