We are proud of our 5 Star dog training company and our AAH Daycare is no different! We strive to produce a mentally and physically healthy environment for your furry best friend.

We are very structured in our environment to prevent over-stimulation or exacerbating behavioral problems. Our leaders guide our pack members throughout the day in a way that’s fun and safe.

Add a Field Trip - $30

Does your dog need a little extra training? In the 'real world'? We'd be happy to help. With two on-site trainers, we are offering AAH Field Trips to be added to your dogs Daycare Experience.

What's involved in a field trip? TRAINING

We take your dog out of the Daycare and on the road. Happy trails, happy tails!

Add Some Rest

Once back at the daycare, your dog will need to rest. They will be place either in a kennel, or a separate pen to decompress and relax. Don't worry, this will only be for about a half hour. Then? Back to playing they go in daycare!

That's it!