Jennifer Hankey

Owner All Around Hound Daycare and Boarding

Hello! Welcome!

I have always had a passion for animals, even as a small child. I grew up around animals and now have the pleasure of having 3 wonderful Dogs in my family. Kodiak (German Shepherd Cross), Rosie (Border Collie Cross) and Angel (Boxer Cross) are an important part of my life, and I don't know what I would do without them!

Here's a little bit about myself; I have background knowledge in psychiatry, massage therapy, and dog training.

At my daycare, you have the comfort of knowing that we pride ourselves in safety, structure and love. You can expect your family members to be treated the same as our own. FAMILY.

All Around Hound is not just a company, it's family here.

Meet Our Care Crew!

Our Care Crew has a strong passion for dogs, and excel in creating a fun and safe environment for your fur family!


Mandy Ewing

Daycare and Boarding Manager

Hello! Mandy is the name and loving dogs is the game! Not only am I the Manager here at All Around Hound but I am also a Junior Trainer! Animals have always been a passion of mine and I've always had a special connection with them, whether it be dog, cat or reptile! I also volunteer my time to BARs Animal Rescue! It has always been a passion of mine to help animals find their forever homes. I have found my own home within the All Around Hound Family and I continue to look forward to building my relationship with all of you!

For those of you who haven't met Stark, he's my best friend, my training partner and my shadow! He's usually hanging out in the lobby ready to say hi!


Alexa Archibald

Daycare and Boarding Care Specialist

Hello! My name is Alexa and I've been with the All Around Hound Family since April 2018. Many of you also know me from the Sherwood Park Pet Planet.

I have always been an animal lover, but I really expanded into the world of dogs when I joined the therapy dog team at St. John's Ambulance with my dog Ozzy (the Black and white guy). As a team we completed the therapy dog certification program and went on to visit hospitals and seniors homes as volunteers. Seeing the impact that therapy dogs have on people in need inspired me to continue working in the world of dogs.

I look forward to continuing my journey with AAH, learning as much as I can, and bonding with as many dogs as I can along the way!


Alexandria Playfair

Daycare and Boarding Care Specialist

Hello Dog Lovers! I'm Alexandria, and I'm new to the Dog industry here at All Around Hound! Fret not, I have grown up with dogs and am an animal lover myself! I never thought I would see myself working in a daycare/training facility but I am happy and thriving in this new adventure. My entire life I've worked with horses either training, show jumping and/or teaching riding lessons to people of all ages! The dog industry is new to me, but I am enjoying learning more and more about these wonderful animals at AAH. I've always been an animal lover and had a soft spot for them. To me, it may be a dog, a horse or a cat, and they all have the same love and companionship. I look forward to expanding my relationship with this wonderful AAH Family!

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