Upcoming Workshops

Saturdays Walk Your Block Off - $5/dog
Saturdays Socials - FREE (see details below)
Advanced Placement & Impulse Control- $20/dog
Movie Night with Dogs - $10/dog


Walk Your Block Off!


Every Saturday

All Around Hound
K9 Centre

1063 78 Ave NW

Saturday Walk Your Block Off!

Walk your block off is a follow up handling class that allows clients to practice working with their dog in a safe and predictable environment, but also to work through real world issues, like handling around other dogs, people, bikes, skateboards etc…

If you have participated in any Private Training Program or Class Programs with All Around Hound, you are eligible to join us every Saturday at 11am for a 1 hour class.

Please be sure to bring your dog 10-15 minutes early and have them on an AAH approved training tool.

One dog per person. This is a time for you to focus on one dog at a time to build a relationship and work on both of your skills in a real world setting.

If you have more than one dog that has done training with us, please bring another human to handle the other dog or alternate each week.

No appointment necessary, just show up!

Saturday Social

to dogs that have been evaluated

Every Saturday

All Around Hound
K9 Centre

1063 78 Ave NW

Saturday Social

Evaluation (required to participate)

All Around Hound now has Saturday Socials for owners and their dogs. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. No appointment is needed once your dog has passed its evaluation.

Every dog is different and evaluations and pre-training may differ greatly from dog to dog.

To run these socials safely All Around Hound individually evaluates each dog that participates.

The fee for the initial evaluation is $100.00. After the dog has been accepted into the social program, you and your dog are welcome to participate any Saturday at NO CHARGE.

Dogs who have already participated in our training classes, done one on one training or who already attend our daycare have already been evaluated and can attend.

For the safety of all the dogs and clients in attendance, some dogs may need a little more work before attending and be asked to sign up for Day Training or or Class Study before being able to join. This is your opportunity to work on your dogs social skills in a safe, friendly and structured environment every week!

Advanced Placement & Impulse Control


January 31, 2018

All Around Hound
K9 Centre

1063 78 Ave NW

Advanced Placement & Impulse Control

 Practice patience, your stays and the ever important recall!

Placement isn't about the 'place' it's about the command, the energy level, the impulse control.

Is this familiar?
Jumping Up?
No recall?
Pulls on leash?

Advanced placement, takes the command "place" to a whole new level. If you want a calm dog with impulse control and reliability, then this could be what your looking for!

Many dogs listen very well at home or in quiet areas ... but how about in public? With distractions? Rabbits? Other dogs?

If your dog seems more preoccupied with the external world, this workshop can help get you on track to your dog having impulse control and boundaries.

If you want your answer to be yes, my dog listens in all environments then this is how you get it!


  • Your dogs dinner, they will work for their food.
  • A treat pouch (no plastic bags in pockets please) These can be purchased at Bone & Biscuit, Athabascan Way, Sherwood Park. Here's a Pouches Discount
  • Martingale collar, 6' leash (we can fit your dog with a collar if needed ($20)
  • 15'-20' long line

Movie Night with Dogs


February 2, 2018

All Around Hound
K9 Centre

1063 78 Ave NW

** each dog must have a handler

Movie Night with Dogs

Join us for our first ever Movie Night with Dogs!

We will begin with a short Social to settle the dogs in. Then we will begin our movie.

Popcorn will be provided by All Around Hound at no charge.

Snacks will also be available for sale for your pup thanks to Bone & Biscuit in Sherwood Park. 👅💦

What to bring:
Dogs are on a leash
Dogs are dog and human friendly
Bring a comfy camping chair for yourself
Bring a pet bed for your dog
$10 for this social per dog
Each dog must have a handler

Movie might be Dog Themed 🐾

Only 20 spots available